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Why choose us

*IT Staffing Companies

*ATS System

*Internal ATS Proprietory Software

*To Save database on your hard disk and search your computer through Google Desktop

*To send e-mail campaign for prospective consultants matching to your client requirements.

Yes! Purchasing Job Portal with access to limited amount of resumes is always heavy on pocket, buying the bulk USA resume database and sending them mails or contacting candidates will always help US Recruiters/Talent Acquisition Team to source resume freely.

Yes! Our Technical team will help you retrieve (or) Migrate the Database in any format you want. The database can be migrated SQL/MYSQL/Excel format. If you want the database to be migrated through different source, you can let us know and we can do the needful.

Yes! Our Technical team will coordinate with yor Internal Software team to make that migration of database happens through the right channel without any issues.

Feel free to contact us.